National Scoop! competition – Portugal

We are proud to announce that the winner of the Portuguese National Scoop! competition is SPONGELOVE, an idea developed by 6 students from Externato Oliveira

National Scoop! competition – Italy

Last July 2021 in Colfiorito (Italy), within European Project “SCoopConSS”, the social enterprise “Strade VERDI” designed by Students at the High School “ITET Aldo Capitini”

National Scoop! competition – Spain

On the 28th of June, the final event of the national phase of the SCoopConSS project (Social Cooperative Contest for Secondary Schools) took place virtually, given the current

National Scoop! competition – Croatia

We are proud to announce that the winner of the Croatian National Scoop! competition is Cooperative Drava, an idea developed by students from Secondary school

National Scoop! competition – Greece

The nascent field of social entrepreneurship is growing rapidly and attracting increased attention from many sectors. The term itself shows up frequently in the media,

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To develop an innovative and inclusive methodology for the introduction and improvement of cooperative business education in secondary vocational schools in the Republic of Croatia,

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In order to develop an innovative and engaging methodology to introduce and enhance cooperative business education in secondary schools, we are gathering relevant data and