10th High School of Larisa

Address: Quarter of Hippocrates Herakleianou Larisa, Greece
Phone: 2410 259859
E-mail: mail@10lyk-laris.lar.sch.gr

Our school is in a constant effort to offer multiple educational activities to its students. A project on social entrepreneurship that would actively engage the students was very appealing to our policy regarding European or other projects. For us, engagement is something that is not much integrated to the Greek educational system, thus, by taking this opportunity, we intended to make our students more active, to inspire them and to embrace their critical thinking.


The cooperatives activities include educating other people about the operation and structure of the product produced, i.e., the specially designed drone, the cooperation with the Technological University of Larisa, which specializes in drone technology and thus will be able to support the cooperatives work as well as cooperation with special environmental bodies in order to collect and utilize recyclable materials for the implementation of the product. Equally important business activity is the sale of the product. Finally, a necessary activity is the selection of people who will be the necessary labor for the implementation and sharing of the product.

The cooperative presented by the students of 10th High School of Larisa is active in the field of catering and specifically in the diet (restaurant). Its main activities are preparation and provision of high-quality food for vegetarians, h provision of organic products and the impeccable service of its customers. The restaurant will provide customers with the opportunity for delivery products of the house. The company also aims to achieve social actions. A social action that aims to implement the Cooperative on a monthly basis is the provision of food in structures such as nursing homes, orphanages and detoxification centers. Also, the business will use only recyclable packaging on its supplies but also in orders with delivery and take away, one environmentally friendly action.

This Cooperative’s activities include the collection from the stores of goods approaching the expiration date, the chemical treatment of the collected products in order to “extend their life”, the recycling of damaged packaging, the distribution and sale of processed goods at a reduced cost, as well as the financial support (from a share of revenues) of organic crops. In addition, the organization of social events of informative character (speeches by representatives of the company) and at the same time entertaining (live music, buffet, etc.) content is provided. The cooperatives also plans activities for young and old, such as voluntary garbage collection from local parks for recycling or games and arts activities that will cultivate environmental awareness at younger ages (e.g. treasure hunt with rubbish for recycling, etc.).

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