1st Evening Secondary School of Trikala

Address: Terma Kondyli, Greece
Phone: 24310 20956
E-mail: mail@gym-esp-trikal.tri.sch.gr

The 1st Evening School of Trikala is based in Trikala, Greece. It’s providing a second chance to finish the school studies to mostly adults that didn’t have the chance to do so. As the students are already working in different jobs, they have a good experience in the job market and some of them are working in personal initiatives, making our participation in the project an important step for our students.


Students from 1st EPAL Trikalon developed a cooperative which will address the biggest problems in their local community and take action in:

  • production process (such as the supply of raw materials, the use of refrigerators and ovens),
  • distribution of the produced products to the customers either retail or wholesale (transport by our vehicles)
  • marketing and promotion activities, which are necessary for the development of the cooperative.

The cooperatives main activities are the provision of catering services in its spaces (indoor and outdoor area), the provision of delivery, take away and catering services and the provision of nutritious free meals to vulnerable groups of the population (unemployed and homeless).

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