2nd EPAL of Karditsa

Address: N. Tebonera, 43100 Karditsa, Greece
Phone: 24410-79629/fax: 24410-79782
E-mail: mail@2epal-kardits.kar.sch.gr

Our school is a VET educational institution based in Karditsa, Greece. We’re offering a variety of specialties to our target audience and we have a great expertise in those. Our participation in this project was a result of interest from our students, as some of them were active on the job market and were eager to get knowledge and ideas in entrepreneurship.


Due the utilization of local products, such as herbs, honey, fruits, and cereals, produced in environmentally friendly conditions and converted in the form of a caramel, this coopeartive provides a complete food, without harmful elements, highly nutritional, aiming to control body weight and maintain a good health. Product’s packaging is made by recycled material; and simple storage conditions are needed. The sell price is affordable. The target group is wide and especially addresses to those needed a concentrated healthy high energy food (substituting those high caffeine products), the poor people eating unhealthy foods, those with health problems due to obesity, and people used to eat fast food of low quality.

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