Associação Portuguesa de Startups

Address: Rua Helena Félix, 3, R/C , 1600-083 Lisboa, Portugal

The Portuguese Association of Startups (APSU) was born with the task of fostering entrepreneurship and contributing to a sustainable and innovative economy. Its mission is to encourage the development of entrepreneurial initiative and job creation, through the combination of infrastructure and specialized support services.

Through its aggregating strategy, APSU seeks to organize, promote and share good practices and resources and, at the same time, detect sectoral and regional gaps in order to be able to fill them. It also focuses on finding new business opportunities, stimulating and implementing networking actions as well as advanced coaching sessions. Nevertheless, more than fostering the entrepreneurial spirit, APSU is designed to support those who are already entrepreneurs and to ensure the continuity of the companies created. To this end, it seeks to provide businesspersons and entrepreneurs with specific skills in the field of business initiative, believing that this will encourage qualified entrepreneurship and the creation of high potential businesses.