Address: Ctra. De Córdoba, Nac. 432. Pque. North Business, Calle Acequia del Zute, nº 2, 18015 Granada, Spain
Phone: +34 958 29 31 20

ATLANTIDA CIDEP is a research and development centre for professional studies, a regulated vocational training centre with medium and higher level training courses and specialities related to health. Their centre was very interested in the topic of the project because they usually carry out trainings that are very focused on the business and self-employment sphere, with a markedly social character in a sustainable environment.


NATURHOGAR provides outdoor, therapeutic and handicrafts activities aimed at satisfying the psychosocial and integral needs of their residents.

AYUDA CONTINUA Social cooperative for elderly people with low incomes who do not have access to high-cost healthcare.

COLORLIFE wants to respond to children’s society to cope better with illness.

PILLSHOME supploes medication at home, totally personalised and adapted to all patients who request our services, in order to avoid journeys for people with reduced mobility.

SEGUNDA JUVENTUD guarantees a healthy and sociable life to retired citizens with sanitary services and programming of cultural animators.

ORTOCGLOBAL aims to all people can have within their reach orthopaedic instruments such as beds, canes, chairs. It allows them to live in a safe environment with a 24h customer service.

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We teach professors about cooperatives

European VET (vocational education and training) Education Week and International Entrepreneurship Week are marked by numerous courses and opportunities for acquiring new knowledge and skills.

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To develop an innovative and inclusive methodology for the introduction and improvement of cooperative business education in secondary vocational schools in the Republic of Croatia,