CFP José Ramón Otero

Address: Calle de Francisco Brizuela, 3, 28011 Madrid, Spain
Phone: +34 914 63 55 93

Cooperativa de Enseñanza José Ramón Otero is an educational centre that distinguishes itself by involving a group of professionals, different in age and experience, but united around a common project: To train competent young people, prepared to be an active part of today’s society and capable of facing their own professional challenges. As their school is a cooperative, they thouht it was very appropriate for students to learn about how this type of company works, as it is also part of the module programme.


ECO-CEN cooperative aims to promote recycling and encourage the use of environmentally friendly products free of toxic waste with a very clear idea: that the waste we throw away is reused to make new products.

Juego de reyes cooperative aims to work on the construction of healthy leisure spaces, which
will give their customers the opportunity to enjoy the world of video games in a responsible
way that respects their own health and that of the environment.

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