International Contest in the National Festival of Civil Economy in Florence

We are proud to tell you about the experience of the SCoopConSS project within the National Festival of Civil Economy. The event, took place in Florence (September 2021), was attended by numerous personalities from the economy, institutions and journalism.
Within the SCoopConSS project, all the winners from each country, in the national contests implemented in June-July 2021, held the event in Tuscany. The Greek students won the International Contest final prize.

The president of the jury, Marta Lozano Molano, assessed the five projects (together with other jurors) submitted on Friday 24 September.
She said: “The choice of the winner was difficult, given the high level of the projects presented by the students”.
The winner team, announced by Luca Raffaele – General Director of “NeXt” – were the students from the Fryganiotis School of Thessaloniki.

The Greek students won with their project titled “S.C.E. ergaZWmai”.
They implemented the idea to be themself as members of the board of directors of the company they created. This one will allow them to be more connected with all actors and stakeholders (of investors, volunteers, clients, government people, etc.). The project aims to house the homeless, safely and permanently, but also to enable them to regain their socialisation skills. It will be possible by providing medical care for the homeless, meeting their biological needs and, of course, giving them a job, which is decent and commensurate with their skills.

All the teams from the 5 countries were:

Students from Donji Miholjac developed a cooperative which will address the biggest problems in their local community: unemployment, social exclusion, unused nature potential and resources and lack of cultural and social content. School cooperative Drava created a two-phase project which will renew their local community. Phase one consists of renovation of city gardens, cultivation of different agricultural plants, production and sales of homemade products. The second phase consist of restoration of river Drava coastline and opening a camp with different cultural content. This will create new job opportunities, activate the community and increase its visibility in the region.

The S.C.E. ergaZWmai concerns the conception and implementation of an innovative idea, according to which the students of the school will act as members of the Administrative Council of the enterprise and try to connect multiple teams (of investors, volunteers, clients, people from the government, etc) with the view of housing the homeless, in a safe and permanent way, and also socializing them again. This is happening, via medical care, sufficient fulfillment of their biological needs and of course by giving them a job, which would be equivalent to their potential and skills.

Our objectives/goals and the target group

Helping to solve the city’s mobility problems due to the lack of public transport, meeting the wishes of citizens, complementing and supporting the actions of local authorities, and tackling the problem of an ageing population.

Our core activities

We offer a transport service in the municipality of Magione and neighbouring municipalities with rechargeable electric cars equipped with photovoltaic panels. Free additional services: basic IT consultancy. Other paid services: car rental

We are looking for…

To set up our service we need:

  • electric cars
  • drivers
  • people with own cars

Spongelove’s aim is to develop and market cleaning sponges that are environmentally friendly, reusable and made from plastic bags, addressing the same problem (damaging the environment) in two distinct ways: producing a fully recyclable and sustainable product by collecting plastic bags, which pollute our planet. Its target audience are environmentally conscious people, who are charged with carrying out household chores with a sense of responsibility for the environment.

EDUNATURE Cooperative is a social economy entity that seeks to give value to the territory and nature. Through the Cooperative, projects will be presented to be carried out in territories with economic, labor and environmental needs. Their main objective is to give value to the rural environment, agriculture, livestock, forestry, heritage of the areas of action, promoting environmental education projects and at the same time help to know, value and respect what the
environment that surrounds us.

Results of the competition

1st place: Cooperative Drava – Secondary School Donji Miholjac

2nd place: GAI LAN, Healthy Fast Food – Secondary School Metković

3rd place: Healthy Box – Engineering Technical School Fran Bošnjaković, Zagreb

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