National Scoop! competition – Italy

Last July 2021 in Colfiorito (Italy), within European Project “SCoopConSS”, the social enterprise “Strade VERDI” designed by Students at the High School ITET Aldo Capitini” in Perugia won the National Contest.

“Strade VERDI” is a business simulation that offers a transport service in the municipality of Magione and neighbouring municipalities with rechargeable electric cars equipped with photovoltaic panels. The project comes from the idea of solving the city’s mobility problems due to the lack of public transport, meeting the wishes of citizens, complementing and supporting the actions of local authorities, and tackling the problem of an ageing population.

The completeness and coherence of the various parts of the project were recognised by the Jury and congratulations to students: Alessandro Brizi, Simone Gorla and Alessia Ricotti; and thanks to teachers supported Silvana Micillo, Elisabetta Ercolani and Catiacaporalini! Special thanks to the Municipality of Magione, Assessore alla Cultura Vanni Ruggeri.

Our objectives/goals and target group

Finchè La barca va” is a social enterprise active in the municipality of Todi, whose goal is to offer elderly people a series of services and involve them in activities that make them the protagonists.

Our core activities

Our company offers social tourism services and recreational activities, divided into 2 branches “offered by them” with activities of discovery and enhancement of the territory and recreational activities, such as guided tourist visits, rediscovery of historical monuments, workshops with primary schools and secondary, cooking lessons, sewing lessons and rediscovery of the old traditions of Todi, which are activities carried out by the elderly themselves, after which activities “offered for them” such as physical activities and personal care, cultural and recreational activities.

After that, it offers a service that we have called “nonni di comunità”(grandparents for the community) which aims to allow two generations distant from each other to get to know and help each other by offering activities such as games for children, summer camps, homework help, workshops and alternative educational activities and babysitting.

We are looking for…

  • Agreements for tourist promotional activities for the reception of Italian/foreign groups to make our territory known;
  • A comparison for the management of the tourist activity (how to promote the initiative, which services to strengthen, how to improve the offer)
  • Support for training seniors in the use of computer tools (web browsing, use of email, use of booking apps for various services and geolocation)

Our objectives/goals and the target group

Tutelage Green Space” is a large family who cares about protecting the environment. Our goal is to monitor and enhance the territory. We offer our services to small entrepreneurs or individuals who are unable to keep the landscape in good condition due to lack of time or means, we also help municipal administrations, cooperatives and dioceses to protect their green spaces.

Our core activities

The services that Tutelage Green Space offers are:

  • Vision of inaccessible areas by drones: We provide our customers with professional drones, offering high-definition footage, with which they will be able to value the state of a given land, and enhance their territory
  • Soil chemical analysis: We carry out the research of environmental contaminants and analyzes for agronomic purposes (identification of possibly deficient nutritional elements, or detect them, for better adapt the various crops in a more productive way) through specialized laboratories.
  • Recovery of marginal areas: Through professional tools we act on green abandoned  areas for cleaning and maintenance, we take care of pre-existing plants, pruning of tall and medium-sized trees, cutting and adjusting shrubs, bushes, hedges and branches, mowing and turf care, weeding and total or selective cutting, transport to authorized landfills of the resulting material and scheduled maintenance of the areas.

We are looking for…

Our company needs suitable and professional equipment to perform our services in the best possible way, such as agricultural machinery set up with the related tools, for example trailer, shredder, plow, hoe, barrels for water and fertilizer and various equipment. In addition, we also need adequate training in the agricultural, technological and ecological fields, id est courses in pruning, sowing, license for chemical agents and license for the drone. In our area we were able to find collaborating companies called partners, which will help us achieve our goals: “lab service” a laboratory that will allow us to carry out chemical analyzes of the territory, “Enoidee” which collaborates by providing everything necessary for cultivation and analysis of oil and wine, agricultural machinery and equipment for pruning, the agricultural company Tulli is the headquarters of the company “Tutelage Green Space”. This is our family.

Our objectives/goals and the target group

Helping to solve the city’s mobility problems due to the lack of public transport, meeting the wishes of citizens, complementing and supporting the actions of local authorities, and tackling the problem of an ageing population.

Our core activities

We offer a transport service in the municipality of Magione and neighbouring municipalities with rechargeable electric cars equipped with photovoltaic panels. Free additional services: basic IT consultancy. Other paid services: car rental

We are looking for…

To set up our service we need:

  • electric cars
  • drivers
  • people with own cars

Our objectives/goals and the target group

Through the creation of an internal school journal, we have sought to raise awareness among young people about issues affecting inclusion and the environment. With the publication of articles we wanted to spread good practices and combat inequalities and discrimination. Thanks to young people, the school can promote a change of mentality in society, combine fragility and foster digitization and social inclusion.

Our cooperative “Il Quarto SA” is formed by six cooperatives that deal with several fields, therefore also the targets are different even if closely connected to each other. The fragility of which every cooperative is concerned becomes a strength in the reciprocal relationship that is created between them and in the bi-univocal generational transmigration:

“Equality”: it has as a privileged target, the disabled both Italian and foreign people of working age who need skills and opportunities to show their talent. If social and employment integration is difficult for a disabled person, let us imagine the difficulties of a disabled foreigner.

“Il parco dell’incontro”: Its target are the elderly alone and increasingly marginalized by a society now digitalized and with single-parent families. They are alone but incredibly rich in skills and experience, the elderly seek opportunities to transfer their wealth and still feel useful.

“Il cinema corso 2.0”: our target are the young people of Spoleto to whom offer a place of social and cultural aggregation, redeveloping an old cinema in the historical city center. In fact, compared to the young people of the last century we no longer have places of aggregation offered by the school, speakers and parties and this void has been filled only by the virtual squares of social where, however, there is no relationship and physical contact.

“Digital friends”: This cooperative is aimed at older people (boomers) and people who are inexperienced in the use of computers (x generation) in order to promote the digitization of society and combat exclusion.

“Greeny”: This cooperative is aimed at an undifferentiated target for age but sensitive to climate change, to which it offers more environmentally friendly means of transport to develop sustainable mobility.

“Recycling Forum Department”: promotes a cleaner city environment, disseminates good practices and fosters environmental knowledge through an app. Therefore its target, as for “Greeny”, is of undifferentiated age but sensitive to respect for the environment, aware of the importance of separate collection and recycling because it is concerned about climate change.

Our core activities

The core business of our cooperative is to create communities between generations, also rediscovering the fundamental role of nature in our lives. Our company is attentive to people, the community and the environment. We want to improve the quality of life of the most fragile people in the community through shared actions and we want diversity to be seen by young people as a value and an opportunity for growth. By activating virtuous networks, first among students within the school and then with the world of associations, we want to contribute to the objectives of the Agenda 2030.

The best way to do this is by promoting a change of mentality that must start with us younger and then involve others, and there is no better place in the school environment within which there can be a continuous exchange of ideas and opinions. The essential tool to reach the community that surrounds us is our newspaper “Il Quarto SA” that allows us to spread the activities we carry out inside and outside. “brand journalism”, as it is defined in the company, means communicating history, activity and projects using journalistic techniques. We need this in order to be able to take on a role of responsibility towards the community, fostering mutual assistance between the younger and the older, those who know and use technology and who are projected towards the future, the other holders of a heritage of experience and skills that bear witness to traditions and territorial identity from the past. However, it is essential to give young people the opportunity to have their own place of aggregation, culturally significant in which to form their identity and produce ideas. Therefore we propose to redevelop the old building of the “Cinema Corso” in the historic center of the city and make it available for social activities. We also try to involve the whole of society to respect this environment that surrounds us, because even through our small actions we can make a difference. Therefore we raise awareness through the newspaper about the respect for separate collection and the use of sustainable mobility tools. Particular importance and attention is paid to the most fragile and marginalized subjects of society, who generally have secondary roles. Instead, we make the disabled, foreigners and especially foreigners disabled, forgotten by all, the protagonists of our activities, so as to involve them in the world of work. The work that should be a right of all, as is also enshrined, among other articles of our Constitution, in Article one, which constitutes one of the twelve fundamental principles.. “il Quarto SA” sensitizes, informs, forms and promotes the good practices that our cooperative and not only, in fact our newspaper will also be the meeting point of all the other companies and associations of the third sector that together with us will carry out our values and ideals.

We are looking for…

We would like to meet partners who are involved in promoting communities that have as their values the improvement of the quality of life and that have as their objectives the increase of the rate of happiness.

Our objectives/goals and the target group

  • To recover and relaunch the abandoned area of Foligno airport
  • To enhance the  identified  space in an innovative and sustainable way, through social activities, education and tourism;
  • To create a new business for the Umbria Region by focusing on the formula “flying for everyone”.

TARGET: – Young people – Disabled – Tourists

Our core activities

The activities are divided into two areas:

The Virtual Area provides:

Virtual Guided tour with fashionable high performance  goggles  to overcome the fear of flying;

Flight lessons with specialized instructors through viewers.

The Royal Area foresees:

Tourist  guided flights to fly over Umbria with electric planes

Post-virtual flight lessons

Recreational Club annexed

We are looking for…

To realize this project it is essential to create networks of stakeholders  which are  interested in the area restoring and development. They could become successively partners in the project:


The latter Partner will provide all the necessary technical support for the development of the virtual area which will be implemented in the first step of the project

Results of the competition

1st place: Strade VERDI – ITET Capitini di Perugia

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