EU Scoop! National Contest first edition

The EU Scoop! Contest is a contest of cooperative business ideas for sustainable development, organized in each pilot country, that evaluates and rewards projects developed and presented by students, guided by the teachers who participated in the training. The best ideas will be awarded and a team will be selected to participate in the international finals in Italy.

EU Scoop! International Contest first edition

The 1st Edition will include 5 participant teams
An international final event – EU SCoop! The 1st Edition will include 5 participant teams, each one composed by four students and a teacher from each pilot country.  In a four-day Boot Camp in Italy, each team will have the chance to strengthen their cooperative business ideas with the support of specialized instructors, both from EGInA and its associated partners (such as the national associations Stati Generali dell’Innovazione – General States of Innovation – and NeXt-Economia per tutti – NeXt-Economy for All – and CittadinanzaAttiva – ActiveCitizenship). At the end of the event, the best project will be awarded.