Address: Partida El Cercat, s/n, 46195 Llombai, Valencia, Spain
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EFA “La Malvesía” is a centre for rural promotion, whose main purpose is the professional, cultural and social promotion of the agricultural, forestry and rural environment and its people, mainly through training actions with young people and adults, which include the development of regulated education programmes, as well as permanent and occupational training activities. Their motivation to take part o into this project was to start an initiative in the agricultural sector and to train and motivate students in this important sector, following the line to know how to promote new methodological forms that serve to encourage students to undertake business ideas in these times of health crisis and also in the crisis of employment for young people.


EDUNATURE Cooperative is a social economy entity that seeks to give value to the territory and nature. Through the Cooperative, projects will be presented to be carried out in territories with economic, labor and environmental needs. Their main objective is to give value to the rural environment, agriculture, livestock, forestry, heritage of the areas of action, promoting environmental education projects and at the same time help to know, value and respect what the
environment that surrounds us.

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To develop an innovative and inclusive methodology for the introduction and improvement of cooperative business education in secondary vocational schools in the Republic of Croatia,