Engineering Technical School Fran Bošnjaković, Zagreb

Address: Konavoska 2, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Phone: (+385) 01 3665022

After finishing high school or college, a great number of our students decide to continue their career by starting their own business. Participation in this project helped them to understand the concept of social entrepreneurship and develop expectations about starting a career in a social enterprise. Since there is no school subject similar to the topic of SCoopCOnSS project, this was a great opportunity to teach students about social, economic and ecological aspects of entrepreneurship and how to develop a sustainable and responsible enterprise. As teachers, we wanted our students to become competent, develop awareness about the needs in their local community and how to actively engage in developing solutions.


Students from Zagreb developed an innovative and healthy snack machine. The machine is applicable to all facilities who want to have a healthy snack alternative. Healthy box contains fresh/dried fruit and vegetables from local produces, yogurt, fresh juices, etc. It is innovative because it uses an algorithm which informs the supplier when the certain product is used and needs refilling. The plan for future is to have possibility to pay with cryptocurrency.

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