IES Puertas del Campo

Address: Av. San Juan de Dios, S/N, 51001 Ceuta, Spain
Phone: +34 956 51 10 37

I.E.S. Puertas del Campo is one of the oldest schools in the city of Ceuta. At first, it was a trade school and later it became the second Vocational Training Centre in Ceuta. As a centre for Vocational Training, they generated a very close relationship with the business and labour network of Ceuta, in such a way that employers and companies in that city trust in their institution for different job offers. Their motivation to take part into the project was to promote educational skills that put the learner at the centre of the learning.


ARTEMIST is a social handicraft cooperative to help people who have been affected on both sides of the border Spain and Morocco. On one hand, employers that are in need of handicraft or domestic services in their households, who would be ARTEMIST’s potential clients, and, on the other hand, workers from the referred sectors.

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