Escola Profissional de Espinho [ESPE]

Address: Rua 27 nº 847 ; Apt.443; 4501-912 Espinho – Portugal
Phone: +351 22 7330430

Escola Profissional de Espinho (ESPE) is a VET school created in 1990. Its vocation is the promotion of school centres and vocational schools. It aims to contribute to the personal and professional skills of learners, preparing them to the job market. It promotes the approach between schools and enterprises and provides learning opportunities according to the local and national needs. The main focus areas of training are the ones related to the Tourism sector, to support the demands of this Industry in the coastal regions from Aveiro and Porto. The focus in technology is also very strong, especially in Mechatronics and Electronics to support the heavy industry region of Porto-Gaia-Ovar. The students are encouraged to participate in contests to present innovative ideas which enable them to develop creativity and entrepreneurship. The school has already conquered several titles in Robotics competitions and has been awarded prizes in Science and Investigation competitions.

ESPE has accepted the invitation from ScoopConSS team to join the project given its need of reinforce cooperative learning techniques and to give students a good opportunity to be a part of the National and (hopefully) the EU contest and foster several key skills, such as teamwork, creativity and the English language.


HELPP is a mobile app that was created with the intention of sending a danger alert to the authorities at the click of a button. The great advantage of HELPP is that when you open the app, the mobile device on which it is installed (mobile phone, tablet, etc.) activates the ‘location’ function, helping the authorities to detect where the incident is and act quickly. If the person who pressed the button is able to report the situation, HELPP also has a voice recording function and/or text box, to which the authorities will also have access, as well as a photo function, either to help detect the place in danger or to identify the perpetrator of a crime.

POUPeVESTE is a second-hand clothing shop, which also contains an online shop platform, as well as an app, created by young Portuguese entrepreneurs, which aims to promote the circular economy by extending the cycle of use of clothing. They collect second-hand clothes in good condition all over Portugal and look for someone to give them a new life. The main objective is to promote the circular economy by extending the useful life of clothes, thus reducing the environmental impact of the clothes we buy with a social aspect.

Local Apption is a mobile app made for reporting community “problems” to the municipalities (eg. e.g. potholed roads, damaged buildings, inefficient/inexistent municipal services, illegal trash dumping, faulty street lights, broken tiles on sidewalks, and illegal advertising boards). It is a fully integrated solution for local inhabitants to report their suggestions/problems to the municipality where they live. It is also possible to receive feedback on reports through the app and still remain completely anonymous. In the list of reported issues it is possible to check the status of both your own and other reported issues. The procedure followed by users is the following: download app, report issue/opinion, receive response from Municipality and promote other issues/opinions

HIDROPONIX will be a greenhouse dedicated to the sale of horticulture-related products, which consists of a method of growing plants in a solution of water and nutrients in which the roots are supported by a medium other than the soil. This technique can be used from small domestic crops to large commercial farms. In short it is a method of growing without soil that stimulates plant growth whilst controlling the quantities of water, mineral salts and dissolved oxygen. Hydroponics can be used to grow the most varied types of plants, vegetables, flowers, shrubs, aromatic herbs, etc.

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