Experimental School of the University of Thessaloniki

Address: Alexander Delmouzos N. 1, Thessaloniki, Greece
Phone: 2310277809
E-mail: lykaeith@sch.gr

The Experimental School of the University of Thessaloniki, is a special educational institution that is directly connected with the Aristoteles University of Thessaloniki. Our School is embracing innovation, research and modern educational methodologies in collaboration with the university. The Direction of the school saw the SCoopConSS project as an innovative practice in the field of education, a project that would bring innovative approaches and methodologies to the school teachers. This positive impact would affect our students as well and this is the reason we enrolled for this collaboration.


The pandemic created the need to provide clean air (covid free) indoors. Created by he students of the Experimental School of the University of Thessaloniki, cooperative’s core activity is to provide various stakeholders with devices (that the cooperative produces) to help them achieve clean air supply inside public buildings, such as schools and governmental buildings. The devices will be controlled via an online app that is produced by the cooperative as well.

Students from Experimental School of the University of Thessaloniki developed a cooperative which will address important problems in their community and take action in:

  1. education and information of the population regarding the process and the importance of recycling used sports equipment (Sales – Marketing Department / Personnel and training Department),
  2. provision of special recycling bins at key points of urban and long-distance networks (Procurement Department & Research Department),
  3. collection, maintenance and redistribution of the assembled sports equipment (Production Department & Procurement Department).
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