Externato Oliveira Martins [EOM]

Address: Ruas 19 e 21, nº 769 a 783, Apartado 443, 4501-912 Espinho – Portugal
Phone: +351 22 734 14 68

EOM was constituted by a group of experienced teachers, who wanted to create schools that would not only teach the students but also assist them psychologically and socially. Therefore they created a school for VET and they strategically located it in a region of high unemployment and social problems. In its over 30 years of existence, SPEL expanded their good practices by acquiring participations in other schools located in problematic areas. These schools are now administered by a team with experience in working with youngsters and adults of difficult backgrounds and the principle-of-action is the engagement of all the school staff in providing case-to-case solutions to the problems of the students. EOM joined ScoopConSS team given the innovative learning and teaching practices brought by the project, based on a need of reinforcing cooperative learning techniques and to give students a great chance of participating in the National and EU contest and contact with other students Europe-wide.


Spongelove’s aim is to develop and market cleaning sponges that are environmentally friendly, reusable and made from plastic bags, addressing the same problem (damaging the environment) in two distinct ways: producing a fully recyclable and sustainable product by collecting plastic bags, which pollute our planet. Its target audience are environmentally conscious people, who are charged with carrying out household chores with a sense of responsibility for the environment.

Inkredible’s objective is to guarantee the highest quality products based on scientific research, development and technological innovation, while ensuring maximum environmental protection by using recyclable packaging, eco-friendly production processes and offsetting CO2 emissions, thus avoiding contributing to climate change.

In terms of target group, we aim to reach vendors of hair color products who aim to be focusing on forming partnerships with professional salons for competent, responsible of a sustainable, eco-friendly product distribution. However, with a growing number of consumers preferring to dye their hair at home, we also aim at reaching men and women in this situation. Their profile will probably be of an eco-friendly, outgoing person who respects the environment.

At MARVEGANOUS we contribute to a more informed consumer, who always puts their well-being and health first and at the same time prefers the best for the planet, the people and animals that inhabit it. We want to collaborate for a better and more conscious world, always working with the least environmental impact possible. As more solutions and sustainable ways are shared, the more creative we become, so we can reduce our environmental footprint.

Our target group is generally young adults born around the transition between millennials. Millennials are more informed consumers who make independent decisions, and their purchases are very much guided by certain values and ideas. Therefore, this group of people also has, in terms of their buying and consumption behaviour, specific trends that can provide some insight to companies interested in marketing vegan and vegetarian products, such as ours. However, we can extend our spectrum to other generations, as long as the vegan cause is present in their minds.

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We teach professors about cooperatives

European VET (vocational education and training) Education Week and International Entrepreneurship Week are marked by numerous courses and opportunities for acquiring new knowledge and skills.

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To develop an innovative and inclusive methodology for the introduction and improvement of cooperative business education in secondary vocational schools in the Republic of Croatia,