Fryganiotis School of Thessaloniki

Address: Area of Hospital Papageorgiou, Polichni, Thessaloniki , Greece
Phone: 2310 692940-41

Fryganiotis School is a private educational institution that for a long time has been active in education and innovation. As part of the multiple European and other educational projects that the school is implementing/ participating, its teachers were eager to take part in the SCoopConSS project too and offer a unique experience to their students.


The S.C.E. ergaZWmai concerns the conception and implementation of an innovative idea, according to which the students of the school will act as members of the Administrative Council of the enterprise and try to connect multiple teams (of investors, volunteers, clients, people from the government, etc) with the view of housing the homeless, in a safe and permanent way, and also socializing them again. This is happening, via medical care, sufficient fulfillment of their biological needs and of course by giving them a job, which would be equivalent to their potential and skills.

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