IES Francisco Tomás y Valiente

Address: Calle Benita Ávila, 3, 28043 Madrid, Spain
Phone: +34 917 59 41 52

IES FRANCISCO TOMÁS Y VALIENTE is a public, specific Vocational Training centre of the Community of Madrid. In this centre the teachings of two Professional Families are taught: Administration and Management and Electricity-Electronics; from Basic Vocational Training, through Intermediate and Higher Level. Their main motivation was to put into practice what has been learnt in the Business and Entrepreneurship module and to make the project carried out by the students more visible.


Conexiona2 provides electrical services to economically vulnerable people, offering the opportunity to give work to young people with no work experience through trainings and internship contracts.

Aires de la Huerta produces organic vegetables in urbanised environments (on rooftops) using hydroponic cultivation techniques and distribute them to small local markets.

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We teach professors about cooperatives

European VET (vocational education and training) Education Week and International Entrepreneurship Week are marked by numerous courses and opportunities for acquiring new knowledge and skills.

Get involved in cooperative research!

To develop an innovative and inclusive methodology for the introduction and improvement of cooperative business education in secondary vocational schools in the Republic of Croatia,