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To develop an innovative and inclusive methodology for the introduction and improvement of cooperative business education in secondary vocational schools in the Republic of Croatia, we collect data and experiences from teachers of the economic group of subjects in vocational education and managers of social cooperatives or social enterprises. Based on the results of the research, project partners will, with their support, develop and pilot an educational methodology, which will consist of training for teachers, practical work for vocational school students and teachers, and national and European competition to develop a business idea for a social cooperative.

If you want to participate in the research, please fill in the application form for teachers or managers of social cooperatives/companies. Completing the form will not take more than 5 minutes of your time.

Once you complete the registration form, we will contact you with details of further participation in the survey to be conducted in June 2020. Participation in the survey will take you 30 minutes.

Thank you for joining us in building a sustainable society!

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National Scoop! competition – Italy

Last July 2021 in Colfiorito (Italy), within European Project “SCoopConSS”, the social enterprise “Strade VERDI” designed by Students at the High School “ITET Aldo Capitini”