Secondary School Mate Blažine Labin

Address: Rudarska 4, 52220 Labin, Croatia
Phone: (+385) 052 856-725

We decided to participate in SCoopCOnSS project because it is related with our field of education. Students participating in the activities are economists, and because our curriculum does not cover social entrepreneurship, we recognized this as an opportunity to complement the education program. Also, through the project we were able to use new methods of learning and different online tools for teaching.


Students from Labin want to create a healthier and more active local community, especially among youth. They recognised the potential of their region and its natural beauty so they decided to promote healthy life-style outdoors and raise awareness about coexisting with nature. This will be achieved through organization of guided tours for locals and tourists, team buildings for different organisations, workshops and education for youth and camp about recycling, sustainable development and benefits from nature.

Petopia is a social entrepreneurial idea developed by students who want to start a hotel for pets. They provide services for tourists and local residents. It is located in Labin which is a tourist destination and does not have a similar service in its local community. Petopia would also be a shelter for abandoned animals and they organise different activities for people who find socializing with animals helpful and therapeutic.

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