Secondary School Metković

Address: Kralja Zvonimira 12, 20350 Metković, Croatia
Phone: (+385) 020/681-088

We decided to participate in the project because of the subject matter which is social entrepreneurship. Since it is not included in the school curriculum, we were led by the desire to learn new ways of teaching and learning.


Gai Lan is an organisation initiated by students from Metković who decided that they need healthier meals for their school lunch. Since there is an elementary school and two secondary schools in close vicinity, the group recognised health problems connected with diet and poor choice of meals during school breaks. This is why they decided to develop a healthy alternative. Gai Lan would procure ingredients/food from small, local family producers and employ socially excluded groups to work in the healthy food corner, prepare and sell food. This way they want to help students to have healthy meals and their wider local community to be sustainable and socially inclusive.

KET Youth Centre provides different types of non-formal education for youth and helps them gain better opportunities for employment. Through their program they encourage lifelong learning and volunteering but also enables youth to be more competitive in the labour market. Employees of the KET Youth Centre would be socially excluded people (unemployed, people with disabilities, elderly people, etc.) who are included in the local community by new job opportunities. By doing so, KET Youth Centre wants to help and evolve its local community for all its members.

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To develop an innovative and inclusive methodology for the introduction and improvement of cooperative business education in secondary vocational schools in the Republic of Croatia,