Secondary Vocational School Beli Manastir

Address: Školska 3, 31300 Beli Manastir, Croatia
Phone: (+385) 031 703-306

Since 2016 our school cooperative ”Baranja” has been offering cosmetic, hairdressing and catering services. Students involved in the work of the cooperative have been developing a sense of humanitarianism and contributing to their local community through different activities. The profit from the cooperative is allocated to students from low-income households to cover costs like school trips or are donated as holiday coupons. The social awareness of teachers and students contributed to the interest and involvement in this project. Participation in SCoopCOnSS project is a great way to gain new knowledge about social entrepreneurship and to improve our activities in the future.


PROBA is a project developed by students from Beli Manastir through their school cooperative which was founded in 2016. The objective of the school cooperative is to prevent emigration of youth in Baranja by creating new work opportunities. Also, to nurture social values among students and encourage them to actively participate in their local community. Activities of cooperative include education for young people, production and sale of organic fruits and vegetables, cleaning services, making and sale of souvenirs, etc.

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