International Contest in the National Festival of Civil Economy in Florence, second edition


We are glad to tell you about the experience of the SCoopConSS project within the National Festival of Civil Economy. The event, took place in Florence (September 2022), was attended by numerous personalities from the economy, institutions and journalism.

The title of the 2022 edition was “In buona compagnia, per cercare, ricostruire e fare pace” (in good company to look for, re-build and make peace). 
The Greek students won the International Contest final prize.

The day before the competition, all students had a tour in Florence for a historical and contemporary exploration in Piazza Ss. Annunziata, where the harmonies designed by Brunelleschi in 1419 met the digital inquiry, with the support of the WeGlad team. Youngsters map the territory to identify architectural barriers and propose solutions and simplified mobility paths for people with disabilities.

The competition day, titled “Prepararsi al futuro a premiazione del progetto Spreading Equality” (be prepared for the future and Spreading Equality award ceremony), was enriched by the presence of several experts, including Jeffrey Sachs, President of the Sustainable development solutions network and other experts in the field of social and economy.

The 4 schools from Portugal, Italy, Greece and Croatia presented one project each in front of the jury and participants. Students from Greece won the final prize.

  • Greece – winners, 10 Senior High School of Larissa

    Project title: Cricketro
    Description: Start-up that foster Entomophagy as a healthy practice in support of human well being and environmental sustainability. 
  • Portugal
    Escola Profissional de Espinho: ESPE
    Project: ECONTAINER
    Description: Design implementation and testing of a depth sensor installed in differentiated trash receptacles and connected to a mobile app. The system works in favour of active citizenship and shared care of a given urban area. Users can verify where to collect their trash and if storage limits have been reached. The system can be used by private citizens and public garbage collection services.
  • Italy

    Project: Spreading Equality
    Description: Care organisation that aims to assist citizens in need of integration. The challenge consists in getting in touch with people through a website and creating a net of confrontation and support.

  • Croatia
    School: tbv

    Project: Ecommunity
    Description: The project addresses the matter of youth unemployment and poverty risk by creating a local business net of organic boxes, containing fresh vegetables and homemade goodies.

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