Wallner Private High School

Address: Makarska 36, 21000 Split, Croatia
Phone: (+385) 021/410-024

Skills and knowledge in social entrepreneurship students can’t be gained through current schooling program. By participating in this project, I acquired those skills and knowledge and can pass them on to further generations of students. It is also important to emphasize that students gained a valuable experience that will help them to become more competitive in the labour market. They have learned new skills in business planning, market research, financial planning, etc. After their formal education, I hope students remember the concept of social entrepreneurship if/when they decide to start their own business and try to make them sustainable and socially responsible. Also, the experience on national competition was very useful to all students.


Students from Split created a way to encourage their colleagues and youth from local community to eat healthier. As a part of their school cantina, they will prepare healthy meals for students and public because they can buy them to-go. The surplus of meals will be donated to local public kitchen to help the vulnerable in their community.

The idea is to develop a customized educational program for people with disabilities who can gain training to become tourist guides, kitchen assistants (assistant chef, pastry chef, waiter) or work in other hotel occupations. After the education, the participants would have practice among project partners to gain experience and better job opportunities.

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